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Get instant access to plug-and-play youth basketball practice plans that have helped hundreds of coaches save hours of prep time and get more wins – for grade school and middle school players. 

Grade School and Middle School Youth Basketball Practice Plans

Coach your team with the same practice plans winning coaches and trainers use.

I ran the first training session tonight with your new plan. Wow what a difference. I actually felt like, for first time, I was really teaching and translating this to playing for the kids. Teach train play is so powerful !! 🔥 Thank you coach Bill!! #legend
Coach Peter Tamas - customer
Peter Tamas
Coach, under 9's Girls
Glad we had our call. This week was much better. Below is a comparison: Point differential of -94 (before our call). Point differential of +6 (after our call). The adjustments made from our call helped tremendously. Thank you coach!!
Coach Daniel Thurman -
Daniel Thurman
Coach, 5th Grade Girls

All You Need From Your First to Last Practice

Here's Everything You Get

Each youth practice plan includes simple, step-by-step instructions, diagrams, videos, and full-color illustrations.

When you get the Youth Basketball Practice Plans you'll also receive theses four Bonus Planning and Player Development Guides - FREE

Planning and Player Development Tools for Youth Basketball Players

Get an entire season of youth basketball practice plans + 60 BONUS drills for only


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Skip 10 Years of Trial and Error

Take advantage of my decade of tweaking and adjusting my training year after year.

Each workout is detailed down to the minute, so you can get everything done within limited gym time

You don’t just get a bunch of random drills. You get a step-by-step plan that has been tweaked for the last 10 years.  The plans cover the first day of tryouts to the last day of practice. Every workout is strategically designed to progress the kids throughout the season and give you the confidence to know that you are teaching the right things.

Why are so many coaches struggling to engage players, fit everything in at practice, stay on schedule and having winning seasons

Some are successful right away. Their players get better, their practices run smoothly and their teams win. But others are stuck struggling with:

Each workout uses my proven framework to get the most out of every practice

My 5-step practice planning structure keeps you on task so you get more done within limited gym time. Following this simple framework also helps players transfer what you teach in practice to games.

Coach Bill Flitter, Varsity Coach, Founder of

Hi, I'm Coach Bill

My goal by 2032 is to positively impact the lives of 1 Million youth through the game of basketball. I can’t do that without you. I created Basketball Practice Plans, so you don’t stress about what to teach and have more time to focus on changing your athletes’ lives. 

Here's what inside all the amazing bonus items

Bonus #1

12 Drills Every Youth Coach Should Teach

I have tried many drills over the past 12 years. I’ve cut through the clutter for you and bundled 12 of my most popular drills that teach the game, improve player skills, and, most importantly, are loved by the kids.

Bonus #2

Everthing You Need to Hold an Effective Basketball Tryout

I’ve outlined a blueprint you can use to hold an effective evaluation of players. It includes drills that will give you a complete view of each athlete’s abilities and a basketball tryouts evaluation form. It’s the same evaluation I use on all my youth teams.

Bonus #3

Kids' Picks: 19 Fun Youth Basketball Drills

Break up your practice routine with one of these fun drills that kids love. I asked my youth teams what their favorite fun drills were, and I put them into this drill library.

Bonus #4

Over 200 Minutes of Man-to-Man Defense Drills

I love defense! These are some of the best basketball lock-down defense drills. Be the team that no-one wants to play! 

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Yes, during the season, your players will learn how to effectively run a youth-focused offense.  

Yes, we provide SLOBs & BLOBs plays that are highly effective and easy to teach. 

Absolutely. Each plan comes with written and video tutorials. Additionally, we explain our philosophy and have additional resources you can lean on for help. 

We’ve spent significant time putting together a comprehensive plan for a wide range of experience levels. You also have the flexibility to add your own drills to each plan. 

There are 101 ways to coach this game. Sure, there are some tried and true basic fundamentals. I am sharing with you my take based on years of experiencing coaching youth from K-12 and training athletes of all ages.

Am I the greatest coach in the World? Definitely not and would never say that.

I have dedicated a large portion of my life to developing my knowledge and becoming the best basketball coach I can be.

I’m incredibly blessed to spend hours upon hours researching, studying, and writing about basketball and youth sports. 

My mission is to bring the knowledge I acquire through experience and from the greatest coaches and trainers in our game, and share it with you. I have a dream of positively impacting 1 Million kids in 10 years through this game. 

It’s why keep learning and impacting thousands of coaches worldwide through this site and my podcast. If I can share my experience with you, you can be more equipped to positively impact your athletes. 

Yes, simple log in to your account. Each practice plan is mobile friendly. 

Custom 8th grade basketball plans can take up to 2 weeks for delivery depending upon the complexity of the request. 

I’m on a mission to positively impact 1M youth players by 2032. I need your help. To ensure your success… and to give you the biggest leg-up possible with your team, I’ve made the plans accessible to everyone. Stop wasting time searching for drills. Put your focus on your team.

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Here's Everything You Get

All youth basketball practice plans include simple, step-by-step instructions, diagrams, videos, and full-color illustrations.

When you get the youth basketball practice plans you'll also receive theses Bonus Planning and Player Development Guides - FREE

Planning and Player Development Tools for Youth Basketball Players

Get an entire season of youth basketball practice plans for only



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15 years of research to find and test 120 of the highest-performing offense, defense, plays, tactics, and winning strategies.
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