Game Preparation Secrets Top Youth Coaches Use to Win


“This is an absolute home run for youth coaches and high school coaches.”

“I absolutely love this concept!”

Don't get left behind. Uncover the strategies top youth coaches use to prepare and win.

100+ basketball game strategies and late game scenarios. Learn the game within the game.

Here's Everything You'll Get

Basketball Game Strategy, Scenarios and Situations

Basketball Game Strategy

Everything you need to improve your team and communicate your philosophy.

Basketball Game Strategy Scenarios and Situations

Situations to Cover

Tools to help you create a basketball game strategy philosophy

Basketball Game Strategy Cards - game scenarios, late game situations

Time And Score Situation Cards

Prepare your team before it happens!

...a sample of what's included

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I ran the first training session tonight with your new plan. Wow what a difference. I actually felt like, for first time, I was really teaching and translating this to playing for the kids. Teach train play is so powerful !! 🔥 Thank you coach Bill!! #legend
Coach Peter Tamas - customer
Peter Tamas
Coach, under 9's Girls
You’re doing an awesome job of teaching and growing the game. Keep up the great work. Sports and the world in general, needs more people like you!👍🏀😎
Coach Craig Brandol Pleasant Valley High School Chico, CA Basketball Coach
Craig Brandol
Coach, 9th Grade Girls
Glad we had our call. This week was much better. Below is a comparison: Point differential of -94 (before our call). Point differential of +6 (after our call). The adjustments made from our call helped tremendously. Thank you coach!!
Coach Daniel Thurman -
Daniel Thurman
Coach, 5th Grade Girls
Thanks for the Zoom last night. I feel a lot more confident now in making the transition from junior varsity to 6th grade.
Coach Les Pfaff - Basketball Practice Plans
Les Pfaff
Coach, 6th Grade Girls

DO NOT buy this if you are not willing to put the work in.

Winning requires work.

If you’re just hunting around for a quick fix, you will HATE this.


But you’ll love it if you’re sick and tired of failing or do not know what to teach, and you’re ready to let your ego go.

Basketball Game Strategy is the exact playbook I wish I had when I started coaching. This has become my best resource as a coach.

Are you ready to win?

Works for Teams at All Levels

80+ strategies for Only $39

Basketball game strategies and situation cards

Late game and close game strategies

Develop your situation philosophy

100's of situations to Level Up your Team

60+ Time and Score Situation Cards to Practice

You Have A Choice

Option #1. Keeping scouring YouTube and Google and be frustrated and annoyed with the results and constantly doubting.

Option # 2. Save hours of time and years of research and get all the proven Basketball Game Strategy and tactics that will give you confidence in knowing you are teaching the right thing.


What’s it going to be?

30 Day Refund Policy

My goal is to make it nearly impossible for you to fail. If you give it an honest effort and you and your team doesn’t improve, then I haven’t done my job and I don’t deserve your money.

Become a Better Game Manager

Only $39

Basketball game strategies and situation cards

Late game and close game strategies

Develop your situation philosophy

100's of situations to Level Up your Team

60+ Time and Score Situation Cards to Practice


If you’re a youth coach and work with kids in grades 3rd through high school, you’ll definitely find a ton of a value inside. 

While coaches get tons of value and save hours of time from the Basketball Game Strategy Supper Bundle, I wanted to give you a source of quality content that is affordable to everyone. I guarantee you, it will not stay at this low price! 

Absolutely. We welcome additional scenarios. Submit a scenario and/or provide a tip to solve it. 

Literally all other lists on the Internet are either super basic, make it hard to find, are unorganized, or haven’t been tested with youth teams. Plus, you still have to spend time finding the drills and plays vs spending that same time with your team or family.

It takes a lot of time to vet, test and organize the tactics that are actually valuable. That being said, if you don’t think you can break even on a $99 investment, the Playbook isn’t for you. Those who give it a shot can easily see a positive change in their team.

Nope. You’re not allowed to share it publicly. The content is only meant for personal use. More details in T&Cs. If you’d like to share it with your coaches, please contact me for an extended license.

If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us