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I want to help you become a better basketball coach

Before I was a basketball coach, I ran starts-up in Silicon Valley. Like how many coaches get their start, I coached his son and daughter in the CYO league. Many times, running to practice late and without a plan. 

I had no idea how to run a successful practice, let alone do it for an entire season (can you relate?).

So I did what most new coaches do – I searched Google and started piecing together drills that might work.

Many years and thousands of basketball practice plans later I,

    • Coach thousands of kids through his Level Up Basketball Training program,
    • Coach High School basketball for over 10 years at two top ten California High Schools
    • Played Step Curry’s basketball trainer in a TV commercial. 
    • Started the Coaching Youth Hoops podcast that reaches thousands of coaches worldwide.
    • Coached the U.S.A. Basketball youth team during the 2016 Summer Olympics with former Dream Team player Chris Mullen.
    • Started the largest 3v3 league in Northern California


An organized practice plan is one of the things I have always prided myself on (and now often sought after for advice). Each minute is accounted for and meticulously thought through.

A great basketball practice plan is more than just drills. It’s an orchestrated symphony of players working toward a common goal. It’s not always beautiful music – but it’s progress.

The way many of us were coached, simply won’t work for today’s athletes. You need a practice plan that connects with today’s athletes who have short attention spans and, quite frankly, can get access to all the same material you can.

You must establish a purpose for your practice, team, and season. Coach Flitter breaks the game down into the ABCs (quite literally) so everyone on the team understands it. 

You can now access my knowledge in running a successful practice, team, and program. 

Stop searching for the perfect drill and find a complete practice plan today. 

Our Vision

To coach the coaches who will positively impact the lives of 1 Million kids through the game of basketball. 

Join us and let’s have fun together.

Coaching Youth Hoops Podcast

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