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I want to help you become a better basketball coach

Before I was a basketball coach, I ran starts-up in Silicon Valley. Like how many coaches get their start, I coached my son and daughter in the CYO league. Many times, running to practice late and without a plan. 

Although I played basketball, I had no idea how to run a successful practice, let alone do it for an entire season (can you relate?).

So I did what most coaches do – I searched Google and started piecing together drills that might work.

Many years and thousands of basketball practice plans later I,

    • Coach thousands of kids through my Level Up Basketball Training program,
    • Coach High School basketball for over 10 years at two top ten California High Schools
    • Played Step Curry’s basketball trainer in a TV commercial. 
    • Started the Coaching Youth Hoops podcast that reaches thousands of coaches worldwide.
    • Coached the U.S.A. Basketball youth team during the 2016 Summer Olympics with former Dream Team player Chris Mullen.
    • Started the largest 3v3 league in Northern California


An organized practice plan is one of the things I have always prided myself on (and am now often sought after for advice). Each minute is accounted for and meticulously thought through.

A great basketball practice plan is more than just drills. It’s an orchestrated symphony of players working toward a common goal. It’s not always beautiful music – but it’s progress.

The way many of us were coached simply won’t work for today’s athletes. You need a practice plan that connects with today’s athletes who have short attention spans and, quite frankly, can get access to all the same material you can.

You must establish a purpose for your practice, team, and season. I break the game down into the ABCs (quite literally) so everyone on the team understands it. 

You can now access my knowledge in running a successful practice, team, and program. 

Stop searching for the perfect drill and find a complete practice plan today. my

Our Vision

To coach the coaches who will positively impact the lives of 1 Million kids through the game of basketball. 

Join us and let’s have fun together.

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