Revolutionize Your Game with An Easy-to-Use Basketball Play Creator!

The basketball play creator takes the hassle out of creating plays, leaving you free to focus on coaching.

Ideal for youth and high school coaches

Easy Drag and Drop

Designing a winning basketball play has never been simpler! With the convenient Drag & Drop feature, you can effortlessly snap actions into place, ensuring that your players execute the play flawlessly.

Plays Animate Automatically

With this innovative tool, everything you draw comes to life automatically, adding a whole new level of visual appeal to your plays. Why settle for static play diagrams when you can create dynamic, animated basketball plays with ease?

Easily Create Playbooks

Create comprehensive playbooks with ease! With the ability to drag and drop plays from your library, creating a complete playbook has never been simpler. Plus, you can export your playbook as a link or PDF, making it easy to share with your team or other coaches.

"The Best Fastmodel Alternative"

“The best Fastmodel alternative. I've been using the basketball play creative for several months and I love it! It's the easiest to use, intuitive and just works! Best of all, it was created for youth coaches. "
Coach Bill
"I used to struggle with remembering all my team's plays and communicating them effectively. With this play creator, I can quickly create and visualize my strategies, making my coaching more effective and efficient.”
Coach Steve

Start Creating Winning Plays with the Basketball Play Creator


For ages 8 and up

Ultimate Youth Basketball Playbook

15 years of research to find and test 120 of the highest-performing offense, defense, plays, tactics, and winning strategies.
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